Do you have the new Iphone 5 yet? I recently got one last week and let me tell you, this new phone is killing it.

The first thing you need to know is that the Iphone 5 comes in 5 different sizes. They come in at the entry level at 16 gigs then 32 gigs and then finally the big one at 64 GB. That is a lot for a small little phone and you will probably not use all of that space.

This phone is a lot more sleek than the ones before it. It comes in weighing under 4 ounces. If yuo have ever held one of these in your hand, then I suggest you go check it out, you would be amazed.

Not to mention that you can try to get an iphone by entering this contest!

My absolute favorite thing about this phone is that it comes with retina display. This makes the screen absolutely beautiful with brilliant colors and textures.

The diagonal display is 4 inches wide which is plenty big for doing everything you would want to do with a phone.

Go check them out, they are worth it. Also, I just found this about the PS4, you may want to check that out as well.

Have you heard of the web host Arvixe? I know, I know, I had not heard of them either! It was not until one of my good friends decided to switch over to them that I had to give a look into their business and what it could do for my site. Now, my friend normally loved to stick with his host, BlueHost, so I was a bit confused on why he moved. BlueHost generally has great up time and is very cheap, so why the move?

Up Time

Well, the up time at Arvixe is promised at 99.9% but let me tell you, my friend has never seen his site go down. Not even a single time.  The up time with Arvixe hosting is actually close to 100%. Any host that is that good deserved me to take a closer look.


Well, I decided that I needed to see exactly what price I could get a shared hosting account with them. I found which showed me that I could get a shared hosting account from them at either a single penny for the first month, or 20% off with the use of some coupons. What a great deal for a host that is almost online around the clock. Beginning plans start as cheap as four dollars a month and more expensive shared plans cost seven dollars a month. If you are looking for a dedicated server or a VPS, you should expect to pay a lot more, but I found that all their plans are very reasonably priced.

Linux Hosting

Lots of hosts have linux hosting as well as hosting on a windows server. Which is better? Well, I prefer linux because it is most easy to use in my opinion. There is also a few problems with windows servers. Arvixe hosting makes use of both but they really do a great job at their linux hosting.


Of course, Arvixe makes use of the standard cPanel for their back end which is very easy to get used to. If you ever need to find something in the back end, their cPanel is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Customer Support

As always, this is huge for someone that is first beginning a website. Arvixe has around the clock customer support as well as a live chat option. I talked to them on live chat for a little bit about some questions I had and they were very smart.

If any of you are looking to switch your web host, or get started online, go check out Arvixe Web Hosting now!

If you are looking for teeth whitening tips for at home teeth whitening, you have come to the right place. Today, we reviewed a product called Zero Peroxide which I can 100% say works like a charm. If you want to skip this article and get right to whitening your teeth at home, please click the link below.


Over time, teeth normally become discolored or even yellow after a period of time. This is because of some products that we consume such as coffee. There are many teeth whitening solutions that are on the market today and the one that works best in the tests we have read has been a product called Zero Peroxide. The question is, does it work? The answer is, YES!

Is it safe?

There has been some controversy around the use of peroxide products to whiten your teeth. Peroxide has been used by many dentists for ages and it is very safe to use. There have been many studies on teeth whitening with these sorts of products and all of them came out positive.

Can you really use an at home teeth whitening solution?

Some people think that the only way you can get your teeth whitened is to go to a dentist and get it professionally done. This will cost time and much more money than is necessary. To avoid this, get the best teeth whitener at home and do it yourself! It is very simple and in less than a month you will have excellent white teeth. Zero Peroxide has a track record of working and working fast.


Getting white teeth at home is a great alternative to going to a dentist to get your teeth whitened. If you want white teeth at a discount price, get an at home teeth whitening solution. If you do not get the results you want, simply return the product for a full refund. You will not be disappointed.

Where should you buy phen375 at the best price?

If you want to purchase and buy Phen375 that burns fat for the best price in town then you have found the best webpage that will explain how to buy Phen375 at a quality price. Continue reading this article to find out where to buy this amazing product at a price that is sure to be affordable.

What outlet should you buy Phen375 online from?

It is recommended that you make your purchase of Phen375 from the official website of the weight loss pill when you buy online.

Click here to buy Phen375 from the official website at a great price!

Phen375 has clinically proven ingredients that have been certified by FDA labs in the state of California. The ingredients contained within the pill are also all natural! There have been thousands of people all over the country getting fantastic results after using the product Phen375 to shed the weight they want to lose right from their bodies. If you want to get rid of those pounds then purchasing Phen375 as a diet pill is the right choice.

What is the cost of Phen375 pills?

When you look at other diet pills on the market today, Phen375 is on par with the price but has an extreme value as it is one of the most effective pills. They sell for around $2.50 cents a pill which is a small price to pay to lose so much weight so quickly!

If you are wondering how much each package will cost below you can see a great visual of what you will be paying for Phen375 pills. Select the package that would work best for you and click the buy now button as it will take you to the official website. It is recommended that you purchase at least the middle package to save the most money and see the most effects!

Packages                           Price after discount             Order Link

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R.D.K holdings S.A




Click on the above image to get a great discount on Phen375!

Benefits and reasons to give Phen375 a try

  • Lose up to 7 pounds a week
  • Get a faster metabolism
  • Energize your bodies fat burning abilities
  • Manage food cravings
  • Burn fat with ease
  • No bad side effects
  • Reduce all unwanted muscle loss
  • 100% money back guarantee for a month!

There are many other great advantages from buying Phen375 but these are the most important. Since Phen375 is approved by the FDA itself, we urge you to give this product a try, you will not be disappointed.

So how does Phen375 work?

Phentemine 375 or better known as Phen375 is a brand new and unique pill that will burn all that body fat you do not want as well as get rid of that huge appetite that you may have. It is all natural and was created in an FDA lab in the state of California. Phen375 has a few active ingredients which include Dimethlpentalyne which is then blended with Dhea L-Carnatine and Trimethylaxatine. These effects combined make Phen375 the best fat burning pill on the market.

The effects of buying Phen375 are completely safe as well as proven. They will allow you to energize your body and boost your metabolic rate as your cravings for food are surpressed. This will make you lose up to 7 pounds a week and for only $2.30 each day. Are you ready to lose the weight?

Many people around the world are using phen375 diet pills and are amazed at the results they are seeing. You can also get these same results!

Phen375 Reviews

Check out the pictures below of some customers who went to buy Phen375 and were so impressed with the results that they had pictures taken.


Isabella was able to lose 55 pounds in under 6 months! Don’t take my word for it, here is what she had to say:

It was at the last part of June that I bought 2 months of the diet pills from Phen375 online. I made a promise to myself that if I was going to spend over 100 dollars that I was going to follow their plan and get back to a size 10. I am going to succeed and am well on my way as you can tell!

Where can you buy Phen375

It is very important that you buy Phen375 directly from their official website. It is selling very fast because it is so effective so you need to make sure you do not get scammed and buy from the real company. You can also take advantage of a $40 discount on the next order if you buy it through the original company so what are you waiting for? Click the link below to start losing weight and get the body you deserve!

Click here to buy Phen375 at a bonus price!

So it is almost that time of year again and you are there thinking to yourself what to get your loved one for the holidays. Well, Valentine’s Day can basically go in 2 directions. The first direction is where you execute perfectly and for the next year you will receive much adoration. However, if you drop the ball or even worse, forget, you will spend the next year trying to make up for the error you have committed  Do not worry, making your partner happy on that special day is actually pretty easy. These gift ideas are fail safe and are sure to bring a smile to their faces.



The go to gift for Valentines Day and romantic occasions is chocolate. This gift will never ever fail you. Be careful not to fall into the trap of normal chocolate. Instead, get a brand that defines quality and make sure that it tastes amazing. Lindt Lindor truffles are the perfect chocolate for this. They are incredibly smooth and delicious and come in a red package. Some of them even come in hearts for a Valentine’s Day Special. Check them out here.






Perfume might be a gift that you could get but it can come across as risky because different people possesses different preferences. If you chose something that they will adore, then your loved one will appreciate it. If you are not sure what kind of scent they like, you can always try one called Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia, which stands for “a clean, incredibly fresh, aquatic scent that is ultra approachable, yet memorable.” There are many forms of this perfume that can include a mist, lotion, and even shower gel. Buy it now for a perfect Valentine gift idea.





High Quality Cotton Sheets

If you really want to get something that is a bit expensive, soft, and not something that she will need, but LOVE, then pick up some expensive cotton sheets that are high quality. Once your loved one lays down, she will instantly thank you. You should look for an Egyptian cotton and the thread count should be at least 400. Go for a designer brand for extra brownie points with this Valentine gift idea.




Flowers are a choice that is very safe and been around for hundreds of years. It does not really matter how long you have been together, they are sure to love you when you come home with some flowers or they arrive at the door. Wife? Girlfriend? It does not matter, they all love flowers. Go for a Valentine gift idea classic and get some long stemmed roses that are red of course. Make sure to put them in water if they do not come in water! You can find some excellent rose prices here.





Spa Gear

If you want to help her turn the bathroom into a spa experience that is both relaxing as well as pampering, then you need to get some at home spa gear. These smell good and feel excellent on the body. Remember to get some candles and oil burners to get the mood set. You can find everything you need right here.





Cuddly Teddy Bear

How could this list be complete without the time worn classic of cuddly animals that look cute for a Valentine gift idea. Your loved one will absolutly love it and it will not break the bank. It even serves as something to remind them of you when you are away on that important business trip. Here are a large selection of cuddle friendly animals!

Click here to see more!

Amazon Kindle Review: An Overview 

Amazon brand has been largely responsible for the revolution in the e-reader market. This is one of the reasons why Amazon has gradually reached to acme in this market segment. But, it is heartening to see that despite leading the market, it hasn’t become complacent. The latest version of Amazon Kindle is a proof of its desire to come up with high quality products. Let’s go through an overview of this e-reader.


At the first look, Amazon Kindle 2012 disappoints. Apart from few color changes and hardware tweaks, the 2012 Kindle appears identical to its previous installment. However, the most enticing aspect of this Kindle is its weight. It measures 6.5 x 4.5 inches and weighs just 6 ounces, which makes it peerless among its counterparts. Another positive feature of 2012 Kindle is its battery life. It is believed that in some cases the battery of Kindle doesn’t need charging for many weeks at a stretch. To put it in simple words, you can go on reading hundreds of books without worrying about the draining of its battery.


If you have gone through an Amazon Kindle review, you’d have come to know few flaws of 2012 Kindle. One of them is presence of buttons rather than a touch screen.  Due to this, Kindle may have missed the chance of getting a trendy tag. Leaving it aside, this Kindle has a flawless interface. It has a user-friendly interface, which makes it even more appealing.


The basic edition of Kindle has numerous positive facets. Priced at just $79, it’s affordable and offers great value for your money. It’s extremely light and small. It weighs less than 6 ounces, which makes it perfectly suitable for business travelers. The Kindle is capable of holding a plethora of books and its battery sometimes lasts for over a week.


It’s difficult to find negative aspects of such a great product. But, if we do analyze this e-reader carefully, then we would find that Amazon Kindle 2012 doesn’t have a physical keyboard, so the user may feel a bit uncomfortable while typing text.

Another aspect that can be easily noticed is the absence of text-to-speech feature. Although this feature was present in some of the previous versions of Kindle, but it was scarcely used by Kindle users.


The price of Amazon Kindle is absolutely low. Its hardware, design and interface give it a perfect e-reader’s look.  One should not have any second thoughts while buying it because it’s worth every penny. But, if you still having doubts about this product, then you should go through a quality Amazon Kindle review, as it will help in clarifying all your doubts.

Better Home and Gardens

Here we finally have it. The highest sold magazine in America. Better Homes and Gardens magazine is a guide for everyday care of your home and living a healthy lifestyle. This magazine has been going strong for 90 years now. It offers timeless advice and gives some great inspiration on topics that will help you improve yourself and your life. Pick up this magazine deal now!

With a very down to earth tone, cherry photos and expressive articles with tips on many topics, this is a must have for your home. If you have an inner chef within you, Better Home and Gardens Magazine Deal has some VERY tasty recipes in every issue. They also offer some tips and recipes on easy to fix meals that are convenient and seasonal cooking.

This magazine is all about creating a better lifestyle and helping you become simplified and productive. You will be inspired and you will change for the better by reading this publication. I highly recommend you give it a shot. After all, it’s only 5 dollars!


Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is a magazine that every household should have on hand. It is the highest paid circulation magazine in the entire world. Want to know why? It is because once you pick up this magazine, you are sure to enjoy a few good reads and it is hard to put down. Pick up a subscription today by clicking on the link above or the image to the left.

Each issue of Reader’s Digest Magazine deal that you receive will come packed with fascinating reads and interesting stories. My family has been subscribed to this magazine almost my entire life and I grew up reading it. It is hard to explain all the stories that come with a issue but all I can really tell you is that it is worth it.

If you want to be entertained for hours on a rainy day, or just want a quick read, I highly suggest you get a subscription to Reader’s Digest at this extremely low price!


National Geographic

There is no wonder that National Geographic is the 4th best selling magazine of all time. This magazine deal has held the test of time and inspired millions. It is one of the most read publications for over 100 years because of its educational content, amazing stories, and photographic essays.

National Geographic offers a look at unique and interesting people and places from all over the globe. Many of the stories are very long that include images, maps, and journeys to some of the untouched parts of our world. The magazine is meant to inspire, inform and entertain the majority of people. It does not matter what you are interested in, National Geographic Magazine Deal has something for everyone!

A subscription to National Geographic is one of the most valuable assets you can have. It will allow you to travel and world while you sit on your couch at home. I highly recommend you buy a copy here today.


Good Housekeeping

If you are looking for the most trusted lifestyle magazine in the country, you have found it! Good Housekeeping has provided its readers information on beneficial products for your home for years now. Each issue has advice that is supported by Good Housekeeping Research Institute which is an organization dedicated to testing products. Give this magazine a read!

This magazine deal really offers a diverse base of articles on managing your life, beauty, cooking, planning, interior design, shopping, and home decor on a budget. Good Housekeeping will help you build strong relationships and create a healthy environment for the ones around you that you love.

Good Housekeeping Magazine Deal is meant to inspire and connect all women by sharing stories and giving interviews. If you are looking for a great read, this magazine is worthy of your time.


Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day Magazine is the perfect magazine for every topic that is of interest to woman. It leads the country in magazines such as this. Every issue has articles that relate to cooking, fashion, family, and home improvement. This is a magazine designed for a woman on a budget. I know I am on a budget, how about you?

This magazine deal focuses on cooking as it is one of the things we all spend money on. Each issue of this magazine will feature full color images of each recipe so you know how to create that dish. Most recipes will focus on items that you are easily able to find in any grocery store.

You will also find some great tips on how to stay healthy in your life. Woman’s Day Magazine has expects who will answer questions that are submitted to the magazine from readers just like you. They will give suggestions and give advice on the newest treatments and medications.

If you want to improve yourself through fashion, home decor and cooking, this is a magazine you should check out.

Family Circle

Can you go wrong with a 5 dollar magazine that covers all aspects of family life including helpful recipes, decorating tips, advice on cleaning and family activities? The answer is no! Each issue has tons of articles that inform you on such topics as nutrition and health, beauty, and my all time favorite, recipes! Your entire family will thank you for getting a subscription. To get a copy, click on the picture to the left or the link above.

Each reader will find useful advice on topics such as how to plan a family vacation, getting your office organized, and some fun craft activities. If you need reviews on appliances for your house or kitchen, Family Circle Magazine Deal is the perfect fit for you.

Family Circle Magazine gives you fresh and fun meals, tips and activities for your family. This magazine also makes a great gift for family and friends. For 5 dollars, you should really give it a read and see what you think.


People Magazine is a top recognized publication worldwide The latest celebrity and pop culture news has come from this magazine since 1974. Time Magazine is People Magazine parent company and to this day the focus of this magazine is to talk about everyday people, actors, and the human condition. There are over 50 issues per subscription so get yours today!

For the last 30 years, People Magazine has brought in one of the largest audiences for American Magazines. They have over 46 million readers. Why? Because People Magazine has a great balance of celebrity news and stories that truly speak to the American People.

People Magazine Deal will keep you informed on topics such as celebrity news, human nature, and style. Each and every week you will get a new issue so get your magazine deal today.



Time Magazine is simply the best magazine for getting the news that is affecting our nation as well as the entire rest of the world. Each issue will explain clearly what is going on and help you understand it. Reports and expects giving their analysis and photos are one of my favorite parts about Time Magazine. I seriously suggest getting one for yourself. You can pick up a great price on Time Magazine Here.

The hottest trends that are coming across the nation are given to you in Time Magazine in plain English. Articles focus on how these trends in the nation affect and have impacts on you. In Time Magazine you will not find any over the top reporting but instead down to earth facts.

When you subscribe to Time Magazine Deal, you will get the latest world news. It will help you keep up to date, informed and in touch with the happenings around you.


Ladies Home Journal

Do you want to learn how to run your house more effectively We all do, this is why Ladies Home Journal magazine is a good fit. Every aspect of being a great friend, mother, wife and amazing woman is covered in each issue. At a great price, pick up a subscription and see what this magazine can do for you!

Ladies Home Journal Magazine Deal gives some great tips to manage your household. These tips include financial advice and how to get the most for your hard earned money. Decorating and entertaining are also topics that are covered.

Ladies Home Journal is not just a magazine that gives you hints, it also comes with some well written articles on fashion, health, relationships, and yes of course, beauty.

If you are ready to better yourself, your marriage, and your house, get a subscription to Ladies Home Journal Magazine Deal.

Taste of Home

Taste of Home is a top cookie and recipe magazine. Each issue will bring you over 100 recipes that will make your mouth water. If you are a chef, or just cook for yourself in your own little apartment, this magazine can help you create some mouth watering meals. The yearly subscription is only 10 dollars so there is nothing to lose.

Taste of Home is one of the best magazines for the sole reason that each dish that is described comes with a full color pictures of the food. With these photographs you are sure to know what your finished dish will look like. Each issue also comes with cards for the recipes that you can tear off and put in your recipe box to make for later.

Each recipe has some very easy to follow directions. Along with the directions, there is a list of tools you will need to make everything as well as prep and cooking time. These are all extremely helpful and will make your food turn out amazing!

When you subscribe to Taste of Home, you are going to rock your taste bud’s word!

Sports Illustrated

Are you ready to own one of the leading sports magazines to ever touch this earth? Great, because here is your chance with Sports Illustrated Magazine Deal. Each issue has many sports related articles and pictures. Top sports analysts write some amazing columns within.

Every subscription you get will come with a swimsuit issue that is infamous. These issues focus on beautiful female athletes as well as amazing models. Once you are done with that issue, you can get into the sports games which will give you excerpts from books and teams written by athletes.

When you subscribe to Sports Illustrated Magazine, you will get the perspective from an insider and it will allow you to explore the sports world in a way you can not imagine. Make sure to stay up to date with all the newest scandals as well as game history!



Each and every year, women have been empowered by the knowledge in this magazine! You will always have the most up to date information and be able to get over your fears and finally reach your goals with the help of Cosmopolitan. If you are finally ready to climb the ladder and succeed in life, pick up Cosmopolitan right now!

Cosmopolitan has always and will continue to be at the front of the newest fashion in the market. Each time you pick up this magazine you will have your next idea of a wardrobe that you need to try out. You will also learn to pick perfect bathing suits, sundresses, and make sure you look your best in business attire.

One of the best things about Cosmopolitan is that it will answer questions that you may be too embarrassed to ask. You will always have updated health advice and will learn to take care of yourself and your body.

Cosmopolitan is more like a close friend than a magazine. What are you waiting for? Go get a subscription.


Prevention is a great magazine to find resources for women that are looking for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Weight loss, staying fit, and overall health are just a few topics that are covered in each issue. I really suggest picking up a copy of this magazine because of the articles that are very informative and the newest health trends with time tested advice.

If you are looking to learn some new tips on exercise or perhaps some healthy recipes or work, then this is the magazine for you. Exercise is a very important part of Prevention but it also takes into account beauty. There is an entire section on beauty and this section offers some tricks to look awesome before and after workouts. You will also find that in the prevention magazine there are finds that will keep your hair and skin looking pristine for years to come.

This Prevention Magazine Deal is here to improve yourself as a person. If you want to be the best you that is possible, go grab a cheap subscription today!


Southern Living

Here it is everyone, a magazine deal that brings everything about southern living into one magazine. Cooking, decorating and gardening are just a few topics that are covered in each issue. Some of the most tasty food I know of has come from recipes from this magazine! You NEED to pick up a subscription now!

The food pictures in this magazine are nothing but top notch. They will honestly just make you hungry until you give them a try. When you do give them a try, you will not be disappointed Just the recipes in this magazine alone are worth the cheap price for a yearly subscription.

Cooking aside, Southern Living Magazine also focuses on traveling in the South and will overview lots of local places that you should travel and eat at. If you live in the South or really just have a special place in your heart for all things southern, this magazine is sure to make you smile.



Maxim is the ultimate magazine deal for every man on the planet. Each issue will focus on the passion of males as well as every pursuit of life! Throughout the magazine humor is well used which will educate and written in a tongue in cheek vibe. If you are looking for a magazine that is not your typical fathers read, then pick up a subscription of Maxim Magazine today.

Within the pages of each issue, Maxim will give you reviews of the latest video games, talk about truth and hype, go over extreme sports, and lets not forget the girls!

A subscription to Maxim Magazine Deals will give you a great take on the world that you live in. It is written in a funny amazing tone but also goes over some very deep and serious subjects. Go get a subscription today!


O The Oprah

Have you been looking for a magazine deal that really speaks to normal people like yourself and not just to celebrities or high rolling stars? Then O The Oprah Magazine is for you! If you want to pick up a really cheap subscription today, click on the picture or the link above.

Each issue of this amazing magazine really focuses on the baby boomer generation. It will help each and every reader balance aspects of their physical health as well as mental health. O The Oprah Magazine also covers almost every suit of life and interests. You will find that this magazine really focuses on discussion of intelligence and spirituality. This leads to readers getting more out of the magazine that readers of different magazines just looking to get tips and tricks.

Although it does not focus on tips and tricks, this magazine does have practical reviews on books and products as well as beauty products that are cheap and affordable. If you are a huge fan of Oprah, then picking up a subscription here is the best place to start.


Glamour Magazine is the perfect magazine deal to glamorize every aspect of your life! You will get featured interviews with different celebrities and all of the entertainment news that are breaking stories. Also inside, you will find fashion tips that you will find no where else and product reviews of some of the latest items that would work for your look.

Glamour Magazine really shows some of the struggles that women go through on a daily basis. These stories really help you overcome all the personal grief in your life and really become a happy person. Each issue will take a look into social issues that you face and show you how you can make a real difference.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself or your friends, you need to go pick up an issue of Glamour Magazine here!



Here at magazine deals, we have a great steal for you! You can now pick up Parenting Magazine for under 10 dollars a subscription. Click on the link or on the picture to the left to get this magazine deal today.

For new parents as well as parents who have been in the game for a long time now, Parenting magazine has been a trusted source for years. It provides amazing and engaging articles on different topics that will help you realize the parent you are. Each issue will focus on issues, health, beauty advice and fun things to do with your entire family.

In each and every issue, there will be sections that will allow you and other readers of Parenting magazine to share your story and ask for advice from different exports. This magazine is very hands on with its approach but provides a simple template to give helpful tips and examples of what you should be doing.

If you have not heard of this magazine before, I assure you that you are missing out. It is under 10 dollars a year for a subscription so why not pick one up today?


Redbook is a magazine mainly focused on giving advice on how to balance every aspect of your life when you are a young married woman in today’s society. If this describes you, pick up a subscription for less than 70 cents an issue!

Magazine deals pop up all over the place but this is truly a gem in its own right. Redbook is written for you and is meant to help and give balance to your beginning career after marriage and inside your home.

This magazine covers every aspect of life. It does not matter if you are a corporate woman who dresses up everyday to get to work, or if you are a stay at home mom, Redbook has something for you.

Each and every issue will contain tips to brighten your appearance and physique. Do not worry, these articles are focused on real women just like you. If you are a newly married woman, Redbook is something you SHOULD be reading.


Parents is one of the better selling magazine deals that is out there because it is the 21st selling magazine in America. It is no wonder it sells so well because a yearly subscription costs less than 10 dollars and is packed full of excellent information. If you want to pick up a great deal on this subscription, click on the link or on the picture to the left.

Parents is a leading magazine for all different kind of parents. This magazine deal is for mothers who have growing children and want the best for their kids. The articles focus on the development and growth at different stages of each child.

Parents magazine has been going strong since 1926. Each and every month, Parents will share advice on problems that each parent is sure to face when raising their kids. This advice is targeted towards babies, to older children.

At under 10 dollars a subscription you should go pick up one right now. This choice will give you access to all the new parenting ideas and help you understand what your child is going through in his/her development.

Family Fun

Here we have the 22nd best selling magazine deal, Family Fun. If you want to order, please click on the link or the picture to the left.

Have you ever had those days where the kids are sitting around saying they are bored? This will not happen anymore when you get the kids in all the activities and ideas that are shown in each and every issue of the Family Fun magazine.

This magazine is targeted at parents that have young children. With this magazine deal, you will have a ton of ideas about crafts, recipes, travel tips and more!

The best part about this magazine deal is that Family Fun offers many ideas that you and your child can do together. Kids of all ages and activities are discussed. There are even product reviews that will help you decide on what the best toys and books would be right for your child. Even cooking for those picky eaters will no longer be a problem.

Finally, Family Fun magazine has lots of ideas for your child’s birthday parties. You will most likely find yourself going back through old issues to find that perfect party idea or recipe. Make sure you get the most out of each issue by subscribing today!


Smithsonian is one of my favorite magazines and it just so happens that this magazine deal is the 23rd most sold magazine in america! Click on the picture of follow the Smithsonian link to get this amazing magazine for only 1 dollar an issue!

The Smithsonian magazine deal is the perfect read for someone that enjoys museums or programs on television such as the discovery channel. The articles you will read within are researched to a great extent and are truly fascinating!

Smithsonian covers the arts, environment, sciences, and popular culture. It has been edited for a modern and diverse approach. When you get a subscription, you then become a National Associate Member of the Smithsonian. The membership will include the magazine, a membership card, and further discounts on the magazine. This is a great gift for people who are enthralled with science and our world around us.


The 24th best selling magazine to date has been ESPN the magazine. This magazine is great for the young males who want to stay up to date and informed on new athletes who are coming into light. This magazine focuses on college as well as professional teams. ESPN the magazine is packed full of pictures, stats, and great articles on new athletes as well as seasoned ones.

This magazine deal is sure to not disappoint! ESPN the magazine will list every event in sports around the nation that has happened or is coming up. This way you are able to find out about matches before they happen. You can plan your day weeks in advanced by follow this magazine. Another great aspect of this magazine is that it will go through statistics and odds of one team winning over another one. You will not be able to find this in any other magazine ever.

Make sure that you never miss another game changing statistic or article again by getting a subscription of the great magazine deal ESPN the magazine. Pick it up by either clicking on the picture of the ESPN the magazine links!

Martha Stewart Living

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In this magazine, Martha Stewart brings to the table her amazing cooking and decorating skills. This magazine is designed by Martha herself. If you liked her television show, you are sure to like this magazine as it brings together unique ideas, meals, and tips that you can apply to your own home life.

If you are looking for one of our favorite magazine deals, you have found it. Martha Stewart Living was launched in the 1990s and was meant to go along with her television show. Since the show has been completed, the magazine has been written to provide you the same tips that were found on the show. Some of my favorite recipes were found in this magazine!

Topics that you can find in each issue are as follows; holidays, upcoming events, holiday issues, cookie recipes Halloween issues, tips on decorating, seasonal, parties, crafts and projects, organization.

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NewAir AC-12000E

The small portable air conditioner that goes by the name of the NewAir AC-12000E is a 12k BTW beast that is enough to cool off a room that is around 350 square feet. Some of the reviews we have seen have said that this portable unit has some simple installation which makes moving it around the house very easy. Many people that purchase this small portable unit have been very pleased with their purchase. The air that pours out is ice cold, even in a larger room. Some complains that have been heard are that the unit is not silent and is a little noisy but that is to be expected for a unit that is used to cool such a large area.

Even after some are not pleased with the noise that is produced by this unit, most of the customers of this small portable air conditioner are very pleased. The unit comes with a a remote control as well as a timer that spans 24 hours. The AC comes with a feature that self evaporates, which leaves little task for you if you are sick and tired of having to empty the condensation bucket constantly on your current unit. If you decide you want to use this unit year round, even in the winter, if you upgrade to the NewAir AC-12000H, it comes with a space heater and also gets high marks from its customers.

Most websites have not really covered small portable air conditioners and give accurate reviews. We have provided these reviews for you to read over as well as already found the best price for the NewAir AC-12000E. You will not find a better steal than right here. Check it out before the dog days of summer roll around.


NewAir AC10000E

This small portable air conditioner has a little better price tag but comes with 10,000 BTU to be able to cool down a room around 250 square feet or smaller. Most of the competition for this unit is priced at a price that is above the one we have found for you. You can check out the discounted price here. Like the unit reviewed before this one, it also comes with a timer that is built in as well as a remote control. Installation will take you less than 20 minutes, and is perfect to move around because of its compact shell.

NewAir AC10000E has a technology called self evaporation technology which basically puts the condensation into the exhausted air to be put out the window instead of building up for you to have to remove. We have talked to a few people who own this unit and each one of them has told us that the container barely needs emptied due to this technology. Reviews of this AC unit have said that this unit cools very well with an excellent compact design. That balled up with a unit that is easy to install and a low price makes it an absolute steal.

One of the only complains that this unit has had from reviewers have been that the LED display on this air conditioner is a little too bright. Just like the previous small portable air conditioner, this unit can also be upgraded to have a space heater. That way you will not have to move the air conditioner or store it during the winter months.

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MobileComfort KY-80

Finally, we come to the best priced small portable air conditioner, as well as my favorite one. The MobilComfort KY-80 air conditioner packs a whopping 8 thousand BTUs and cools a room of about 150 square feet. Just like a lot of other ACs, this unit can be used to dehumidify, use as a fan, or its original purpose of cooling down a hot room. Many reviews have said that this is the best small portable air conditioner that they have ever bought, and their favorite AC.

While some reviews say that the pan that collects water needs to be emptied a lot, and other say that the fan runs all the time, the simple fact of the matter is that this little AC can keep a room ice cold. On top of a freezing room during the summer, this unit runs very quietly, and it not as loud as other units you may find. This unit is extremely compact and packs a punch for a low price tag.

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How do small portable air conditioners work?

Just like normal air conditioners that you may find in your window, small portable air conditioners work by taking the air that is hot. cooling it down, and discharging all of the heat outside. Each portable air conditioner will also dehumidify the air as well as collect the condensation which can be removed from the unit. There are 2 ways that it can be removed from the unit. The first is a technology which basically evaporates the air outside through the exhaust. The second way is that it drips down into a pan where you can remove it yourself. Some of the newer units can use this condensation to actually cool the air further.

All in all, small portable air conditioners are a great choice if you do not want to have to deal with the pain of a window unit. These air conditioners are movable and some even come with a space heater than you can use in the winter months. Make sure you check out the prices and images above to find the absolute best for you and your family so that you can stay cool during the blistering hot days.


History of Pie Safes

Long before ice boxes or the modern refrigerators it was the 19th century. Each new wave of immigrants coming to the United States brought new solutions and ideas. No one is really sure who brought the pie safe to America but we do know that it has existed in Europe since the sixteenth century. German people are the ones who are credited for bringing it to Pennsylvania. They are known as the Pennsylvanian Dutch.

A pie safe is a large wooden cabinet. I can be made of all wood but usually it is not. It has doors that are covered in pierced tin. Sometimes it was a simple mesh tin while other times there was a complex design that was hand punctured onto each door. The way they would do it is make molds with the design and tin on a wooden plank. Some of these safes even had the likeness of popular presidents of the time. When the industrial revolution came along, safes were made in factories. Many of the antique safes that are on the market come from this period of time. If you can find a pie safe that comes from before this era, it is sure to be worth a hefty sum of money.

The pie safe was not meant to just be storage because it was named the pie safe to protect the pie from lots of different dangers. Pies attract creatures such as mice and flies and it also held off children that wanted to sneak a taste. The holes in the tin on the walls were meant to allow air to circulate freely around the pie and this kept the pies out of the summer heat as well as away from the heat of the stove.

More than pies were stored in these cabinets. There is lots of room inside them so an entire family would have enough storage. There were breads, cakes and ingredients such as sugar were stored inside the pie safe to protect them. If you could keep this stuff safe, they would be preserved for longer than if you left them out in the open. Sometimes people stored jelly inside which is why you may hear them being called jelly cupboards.

Do you have a great memory of some furniture in your great uncles house and he always called it a pie safe? It depends on what region you are from because this cabinet was called lots of names but the pies inside are just as tasty.

Pie safes do not have such a practical purpose today except for cold storage. They are still extremely popular to keep baked goods in while baking in the kitchen. Lots of people also store books or even silverware inside. The beauty and childhood memories that are associated with the pie safe are what make them a staple in today’s American Households.

How to Find the Best Prices on Pie Safes

Do you know what a good price on a pie safe is? There are some that cost $300 and others that cost $5,000 and up. What you decide is a good price is dependent on what you are willing to pay. If you want it for storage there is really no need to pay as much as some antique furniture collectors.

There are many places to get them. Some may go to craigslist or eBay to get this kind of furniture. There are lots of fine selections on these sites. Since there are some shipping costs involved, there are some cabinets that are for pick up only. If they are willing to deliver, the price could be a little hefty as they are heavy and not cheap to ship across the country.

If you decide that picking up a safe locally is an option, craigslist might work. This will depend on where you are at in the country and if there is a good selection. On my local craigslist there is only a few dealers and not very many bargain prices.

Old safes are always going to be more expensive than new ones. Most antique safes are acquired through estate sales or people inherit them. This way is not cheap and is not a smart way to go. Yard sales might pop up that contain a pie safe but you will spend much too much time and we all know that time is money.

If you want a safe that is inexpensive and has some extra storage for your kitchen or apartment, pick up a new one. You will also want to go to a site that offers free shipping. Amazon is a reputable site and they seem to always have a deal going on for free shipping. The cheapest of options on Amazon still carry some great quality.

Some people may decide they do not want to buy a new one because they like the tested ancient pieces. There can be some truth to this. There is also no reason why we should call new pie safes inferior because they have not stood the test of time.

If you will give new pie safes a change I am sure that you will absolutely fall in love. There are many that are replicas of some antiques so they have that great look you have been searching for. If the safes were designed with a newer look and you desire an old look, it is still cheaper for you to re finish it to look ancient rather than buy a brand new one.

Pie Safe?

So what exactly is a pie safe for? Do you keep pies safe inside it? There are lots of dangers to the antique pie safe and it is hard to know exactly where you should start from.

To begin, we need to talk about heat. If you have too much heat on a baked good, it can cause mold as it is one of the factors in mold growth. Pie safes were not made for refrigeration but one of the things they did well was protect against heat.They were far from the stove and did not get hot during winter. They also kept the baked goods away from the sun in the summer to keep them cool. The tin on the pie cabinet maintained cooler average temperatures than any counter top or window sill.

Little children will always be a danger to delicious baked goods. They simply can not help themselves to some amazing treats. A pie safe will help protect many pies from children so this is always a plus.

An animal that is sure to love your pies are flies. Freshly baked fruit pies are what flies love best and are attracted to. In colonial times, pie was the primary food that needed to be protected. The little hols in the tin doors were not big enough for flies to get into. They have a wood frame and tin plates so the flies could not get in. This is the reason that pie safes became popular because they protect against flies. A wooden safe could not offer such great protection.

Rodents are also a huge factor in protecting your pie. People never want to share their food with mice or rodents and ancestors felt the very same way. If you leave a pie on the counter, a mouse might be able to get some. If you have a pie safe, this will protect your tasty baked goods.

Some of these are not as prevalent today than they once were. So is there still a need for a pie safe in your home today? If you really love the old look and feel of such a pie safe than it will always have a happy home in your house. It will give a unique look and warm atmosphere in any room you chose to place a pie safe.

Restoring Your Antique Pie Safe

If you are looking to restore your old antique pie safe, it can be very tricky. There are lots of opinions on how to do this correctly. You will need to really take the matter into your own hands. You will want a pie safe that you will love and make sure that it puts a smile on everyone’s faces. This can mean following expert advice or other times just doing what you feel is right in your heart.

If you want to get a great fresh look for the pie safe, then no restoration is really necessary  Clean up the safe to remove the grime. Clean off the paint with a heat gun that you can pick up at any store or get a chemical stripper. You can even paint the cabinet as many colors as you like if you follow this route.

There is the possibility that antique restorers cringe as they read the previous statement. Are they to blame? Remember, even if you paint your pie safe neon orange, you can always re strip the paint and clean and restore the antique properly.

If you are not very interested in restoring your antique pie safe by yourself, your best bet is to buy a brand new one. If you happen to inherit an antique pie cabinet  you can always resell it and buy a brand new one at a fraction of the cost. If you plan to ever resell, this is the best course of action.

If you want a fresh looking pie safe that has the ancient patina look of the colonial era, then refinishing properly is necessary. Cleaning is always the first step but it does not have to be the last. Remove all the tin and carefully put all the original hardware someplace where you will not lose them. If there is rust on anything, get rid of it with a rust remover. Sand down all the parts that are made of wood and remove the paint with a heat gun or chemical stripper. If you have an older safe, a heat gun will work best. Chose a stain or a paint. If you are going for an aged look, you should use a stain because paint will come off with a glossy finish. Chose the best option to restore your antique pie safe that best suits your life.

Antique Versus New Pie Safes

There are many people that really love the old vintage look of genuine pie safes. Can you blame them? Lots of these cupboards are made by hand by expert craftsmen and builders. They may not know that lots of the antiques that are being sold are not worth worth what they think. The pie safe really began to become a staple piece of furniture in the household of Americans during the industrial revolution. Most of these safes were in the Dutch area of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. When factories began to come about in larger cities everything became mass produced.  Metal plate molds were used in order to create a look on the tin doors that was uniform in style. They came in some limited sizes which were either tall or small with double or single doors.

Are antiques a waste of time? Of course not! Many of these antiques have stood the test of time. If you go searching for such an antique though, you will being paying a high price for something that is sure to not hold its value because it is not rare as you thought.

If you are not an investor, then you should probably consider buying a new pie safe in order to save some cash. New safes come with warranties which are something you will not find with any antique. Also, newer pie safes can be made to look like they are much older. If you buy an inexpensive cupboard, you can even refinish it to get the look you are going for. Most visitors you have will not know the difference unless you leave the tag on the furniture from where you bought it!

If you are looking for a true antique, you are going to have to look very carefully to make sure you are getting a true original from Pennsylvania. The best way to see the price is to go to that part of the country. There are many antique stores that will have great deals even on sites such as Ebay or craigslist. Amish people are still making use of these old pie safes. There is a huge supply but not a great demand which means you could make away like a bandit with a good deal.

If you are really in love with the look and memories that come with a pie safe, save some money and get a brand new one! The craftsmanship is just as good and your bank account will thank you. If you plan to use your new pie safe for food storage, there is absolutely no different between a new and old one.